Private Instruction and Independent Projects

Do you have particular needs? Maybe due to work or school, you can study in Florence for only one week, or one month, or wish to attend just three days a week. Perhaps you are a working artist looking for technical assistance on a large project, or just need a temporary studio in Florence. Maybe you are interested in a specialized field of sculpture - portraiture, or moldmaking, or marble carving. ...This is the Studio Della Statua's particular niche - custom-built educational and creative opportunities.

How do I Apply?

Simply email me or call me to start the conversation. There's no need for an application form, showing of a portfolio, or submission of a CV. If I and my studio are available for the time you need it, and I can provide for you the instruction or assistance you need, then you're good to go.

(Please note that the scope of my instruction is focused on traditional methods and traditional materials - figurative sculpture in clay, stone, marble, terracotta, bronze, and plaster. There are some fields of the craft, such as abstract sculpture, found/mixed media, plastics and resin casting, etc. that would be better provided for elsewhere.)

What does it cost?

I don't know - what do you need? Because of the huge variation from applicant to applicant, a standard fee is a bit difficult to advertise. Marble carving is more expensive than figure modeling, and figure modeling is more expensive than portrait modeling, etc. By and large, costs start at about 500 Euros a week for Monday-Friday, half day (three hour session) instruction. Live models and materials drive the cost a little bit (or a lot) up from there. 'Open studio' time (evenings and weekends, for example) does not cost extra, but the specific times are negotiable, depending on what else is happening in the studio that week.


Can you be more specific? The info here seems vague...

The strength of the Studio Della Statua is its flexibility in accommodating diverse needs. I can be extremely specific, when I know what you are looking for and when. So contact me and we will talk.