Monuments and Sacred Art

Below you'll find a gallery of larger works, usually commissions for Christian churches. Others are memorials. This is the sort of work i enjoy the most, as these commissions arise from a specific need for a sculpture, which must perform a specific symbolic function. It isn't often that sculpture has a real purpose and function in our daily life, and I consider myself lucky to have been chosen for these works.

In order to gain greater understanding of symbolic function of art,  in 2010 I took a Master's degree in Sacred Art and Liturgy at the Ateneo Pontifico Regina Apostolorum, a Pontifical Academy in Rome. I am one of a tiny handful of figurative sculptors with this specific training, and it enables me to act in the capacity of liturgical design consultant for Catholic and Anglican churches, in addition to contributing to the production of sacred and religious art. The Tabernacle below served as my Master's Thesis.

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