Evening Portrait Sculpting Courses


Next evening course TBA...

(Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings for three weeks.)

Fee: 350 Euros. Firing into terracotta fee is 25 euros extra (optional).

Live models (mandatory) are shared between pairs of students. Each student is responsible for the hiring and payment of their model, although Jason can assist with finding models. The going rate for a portrait model is 20 euros per three-hour session; split between two students, the cost per student for the course is 90 Euros. This is in addition to the fee for the course itself. 

Bring: No additional materials needed - all tools and materials are provided.

Sign up by contacting me via email, cell phone, or text. Space is limited to FIVE students, so sign up early.

The Portraiture Evening Workshop is popular amongst painting students in Florence looking to try their hand at clay modeling for the first time, as well as experienced sculptors looking for a solid portraiture technique. Unlike figure modeling, where sculptors may utilize a constructive technique, or an anatomical approach, or even use a canon of proportions, the modeling of a competent portrait MUST arise from a primarily visual technique. Jason teaches portraiture using the sight-size method, an almost purely visual technique.

Sight-size is normally associated with portrait painters. Jason indeed learned Sight-size from the painter Charles Cecil, who commissioned Jason with the task of adapting the method for three dimensional work, back in 1997. The resulting method is now taught in studios around the world, thanks both to Jason's teaching and to his book which documents the technique, titled Sculpting from Life - A Studio Manual of the Sight-Size Method.

In the course of the workshop, students will model a portrait in clay from life, and if desired, prepare the clay for firing into a durable ceramic bust. in addition to instruction and critiques, Jason works alongside the students on his own portrait study, providing a demonstration of techniques and process throughout the entire workshop.

This workshop is offered as an evening workshop, about three times a year. Those wishing to take a portrait class during the day or at other times of the year may wish to inquire about private instruction.